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There once lived a noble beast who smelled of the wind and carried the dirt of previous adventures within his thick mane. Always there to help build a fort and reliably the first to jump into the creek. He augmented the experience of those he traveled with and offered unyielding protection along the way. Some called him dog. Some called him friend. 

The beast's name was


The legend and spirit of Rosco echos on in the heart of Rosco Design Co. We want to join you on your adventure while having an adventure of our own.

Rosco is a multimedia design company with over a decade of experience. Our superpowers are graphic design, video production, and motion graphics. From logo design, to commercials, 3D modeling and animation, Rosco will keep you looking your best.

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Jeff Sublett

Founder & Lead Designer of Rosco Design Co.

Twelve years of digital media experience, including video shooting and lighting, extensive motion design and 3-D experience across a range of client work, and print design. Effective, forward-thinking team leader. Vast portfolio of motion design across retail, corporate, sports, government, and nonprofit sectors.

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